What to write on 1st Birthday Cake

What to write on 1st Birthday Cake /1st Birthday Cake Wordings/1st Birthday Cake Sayings/ Special Wordings for First Birthday Cake/ First Birthday Cake Messages

First birthdays are always special and everyone involved are all excited to share this moment. Your birthday cake greeting may not be read by your angel or princess on the first birthday but your child will surly enjoy seeing the photos of the first bithday with a unique and special birthday message. Here are some great suggestions to make the first birthday cake extra special.

1. First Happy Birthday Bash!

2. First Birthday Blast!

3. I am One today!

4. Happy 1st Birthday!

5. Ria's First Birthday

6. Happy 1st birthday!

7. My first trip around the sun!

8. Happy 1st Birthday to the sweetest Birthday Boy! 

9. Happy 1st Birthday to the cutest Birthday Girl! 

10. Happy 1st Birthday to our Bundle of Joy!

11. Take your time growing up. Happy first birthday!

12. Happy 1st birthday! Don't grow up too fast!

14. Happy 1st birthday to you our dearest Mark!

15. Happy 1st birthday! God bless you!

16. Happy 1st birthday to our precious little girl!

18. This is just the beginning! Happy 1st birthday!

19. Happy 1st birthday to my lovely nephew!

20. Wishing you a blessed 1st birthday!

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