What to write on 50th Birthday Cake

What to write on 50th Birthday Cake /50th Birthday Cake Wordings/50th Birthday Cake Sayings/ Special Wordings for 50th Birthday Cake/ 50th Birthday Cake Messages

The big 5-0 is the age where people decidedly accept their age. It's pretty much okay to poke fun yet you can also give them your sincerest wishes on their special day. 

Read on to find the perfect heartfelt birthday cake message for 50 years old birthday boy or birthday girl.

1. Who new 50 could look this Good!  

2. Looking Preety Nifty At Fifty!

3. Still Awesome at 50! Happy birthday Dude!

4. Older is always better. Happy 50th birthday!

5. Happy 50th birthday! Who's counting anyway?

6. Happy 50th Birthday. Wishing for a Wiser you!

7. Funny! Foxy! And Fifty!

8. You're 50. Be carefree & wild! Happy birthday!

9. Happy 50th birthday, old man!

10. Happy 50th birthday! You're still way younger than 60.

11. 50 Rocks! Vintage Dude!

12. Welcome to the new frontier. Happy 50th birthday!

13. This should be fun! Happy 50th birthday!

14. 50 years, 50 birthdays. Now that is old!

15. Fab at fifty, that's you. Happy birthday!

16. Happy 30th anniversary to your 20th birthday!

17. Happy 50th birthday! Smile while you still have teeth.

18. 50 is Five Perfect Tens! Happy Birthday!

19. 50 years, 50 cheers to you! Happy birthday!

20. Still looking nifty at fifty. Happy birthday!

21 Fifty and Fabulous! 

22 You made the Big 50! 

23 Half  Way to Hundred! Enjoy your 50 Dude! 

24 Fifty and Loving It! 

25 You are not Old - You are Vintage at 50! 

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