What to write on 60th Birthday Cake

What to write on 60th Birthday Cake /60th Birthday Cake Wordings/60th Birthday Cake Sayings/ Special Wordings for 60th Birthday Cake/ 60th Birthday Cake Messages

Turning 60 is quite remarkable and should be honored with birthday messages that equally reflect all things wonderful in reaching this milestone.

Here is an amazing collection of unique 60th Birthday cake wordings that you can use.

  • Cheers to Sixty Stunning Years! 

  • To the youngest 60 years old girl-Happy Birthday!

  • Happy 60th  Birthday Boy! 

  • Sweet, Sexy & Stunning! Happy 60th Birthday! 

  • Senior discount awaits you. Happy 60th birthday!

  • Sixty and Stunning! Happy Birthday! 

  • Happy birthday to the sexiest 60 year Girl!

  • Happy 60th birthday Vintage Dude! 

  • 60 Looks Good On You. Happy birthday Old Boy!

  • Happy birthday to 60 years Young! 

  • Age is but a number. Happy 60th birthday!

  • Birthdays are meant to be celebrated. Happy 60th birthday!

  • It's your 60th birthday! Good times & good health to you!

  • Now that you've reached 60, it's time to party! Or sleep. Happy birthday.

  • You're 60 and you know it! Happy birthday!

  • You don't even look your age. Happy 60th Birthday!

  • Happy 60th birthday Sexy Girl!

  • 60th birthdays are special, like you are to me. Happy birthday!

  • You've reached the big 6-0! Happy, happy birthday to you!

  • 60 is what 60 does. Happy 60th birthday to you!

  •  Age is but a state of mind. Happy 60th birthday!

  • Yes, you're old. Happy 60th birthday to you!

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