Birthday Cake Messages For Colleagues/ Birthday Cake Wordings For Colleagues/ Special Wordings For Colleagues Birthday Cake/ Cake Sayings For Co-Workers Birthday/ What to Write on Co-Workers Birthday Cake

Colleagues are real friends in your office. Birthday celebration at the workplace is always fun. Here is a collection of heartfelt and funny birthday cake wordings for your coworkers /colleagues. Read on to choose a perfect birthday cake message for your colleagues right here.

* Your Presence Makes Workplace Cheerful 

   Birthday Girl/Boy

* Working with a coworker like you is real Fun
   Happy Birthday to you dear Sumun

* Happy Birthday to a special colleague!!

* You are really nice to work with. Happy Birthday!

* You are the Best Friend/Colleague
   Happy Birthday!

* You deserve a bonus this year!! Happy Birthday!!

* Happy Birthday to an amazing coworker in our team!

* May you get a big incentive this year.
   Happy Birthday!!

* Promotion is on the way dear!
   Happy Birthday!

* We love coming to work because of YOU!
    Happy Birthday!

* You are an awesome colleague dear!
   Happy Birthday!

* A very Happy Birthday to a special co-worker!

* Wishing you success ahead in your career!
   Happy Birthday!

* Happy Birthday to the most popular Colleague!

* A great colleague like you is a real reward.
   Happy Birthday !

* Warmest Birthday wishes to our loving co worker..

* We wish a great promotion for you!
    Happy Birthday!

* One year close to your Retirement!
   Happy Birthday Mark!

* You brighten up the office just by being you!
   Happy Birthday!

* Wishing you a big bonus this year!
   Happy Birthday with loads of love & Cheer!

* Happy birthday! We appreciate your patience at   workplace!

* Wishing you a more productive year ahead!
   Happy Birthday dear Ted!

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