Birthday Cake Wordings for Grandmother/ Birthday Cake Wordings for Grandma/ Special Birthday Cake Messages for Grandmother/ What to write on GrandMothers Birthday Cake 

With a lovely, sweet saying on your Grandmothers Birthday cake, you can make your Granny feel at the top of the world. You can really please her with a heartfelt and thoughful cake message for her birthday and make her feel super special! Read on to find the perfect birthday cake wordings for your Grandma.

* You are a Gorgeous Granny - Birthday Girl! 

* I wish to inherit your persona Birthday Star! 

* Thanks for making my childhood precious. Happy Birthday! 

* We are so grateful to have you Birthday Girl! 

* Wishing a delightful and lovely Birthday Granny! 

* We love you a lot our great Grandma! Happy Birthday! 

* You are the most adoring Granny! Happy Birthday!  

* Thank you Grandma for always being beside us.Happy Birthday!

* To Our beautiful & Graceful granny! Happy Birthday! 

* To My lovely Grandma! Happy Birthday! 

* Your contribution to our lives is remarkable!Happy Birthday! 

* All we want to say is We love U grandma.! Happy Birthday!

* Wishing you lots of happiness in coming life!Happy Birthday!

* You always surprise me with your love! Happy Birthday Granny! 

* Happy Birthday to my Glamorous Grandma Dolly!

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