What to write on 80th Birthday Cake

What to write on 80th Birthday Cake /80th Birthday Cake Wordings/80th Birthday Cake Sayings/ Special Wordings for 80th Birthday Cake/ 80th Birthday Cake Messages

In this day and age, reaching the age of 80 is quite remarkable. People who have reached this age would have practically seen it all. Giving them greetings should be simple yet sincere since they are very discerning and wise. Here is a list of unique birthday cake wordings for 80th Birthday Boy or Birthday Girl. Write your 80th birthday cake message fun and light but straight from the heart.

1. Have a wonderful 80th Birthday Boy!

2. A Handsome Boy has turned 80!

3. Happy 80th birthday! Live long and prosper!

4. Cheers to yours 80th birthday!

5. You get better with age. Happy 80th birthday!

6. 80 & Not Out! Happy Birthday!

7. This is the second time you're celebrating 40! Happy birthday!

8. Still fab at 80. Happy birthday!

9. Eight decades and you're still as lovely. Happy birthday!

10. Wishing you all the happiness on your 80th birthday!

11. Happy 80th birthday! Enjoy your journey ahead

12. Have a fantastic 80th birthday!

13. Let's celebrate you on your 80th birthday!

14. Amazing Lady has turned 80! Happy Birthday!

15. You're still young at heart in your 80's! Happy Birthday!

16. Wishing you a glorious & wonderful 80th birthday!

17. Wishing you all the love & joy. Happy 80th birthday!

18. Happy 80th birthday to the best dad in the world!

19. Yes, you're still fabulous on your 80th birthday. Let' have some fun!

20. Happy 80th birthday to you, wise old man!

21 It took 80 years to look this Good! Happy Birthday!

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