Birthday Cake Wordings For Boyfriend/ Birthday Cake Messages For Boyfriend/ Birthday Cake Sayings For Boyfriend/ What to write on Boyfriends Birthday Cake

Make your boyfriend feel special on his Birthday by writing a thoughtful and heartfelt message  on his Birthday cake.  Here is an amazing collection of birthday cake wordings for Boyfriend. Read on to find the perfect birthday cake message for him right here. 

* My Heart Belongs to You Birthday Boy!

* I Am All Yours  Birthday Boy! Eat Me..... 

* Each day with you is so special Birthday star!

* I am blessed to have YOU! Happy Birthday!

* You are my Hero Birthday Boy!

* My Love is just For You Birthday Boy!

* You are as Sweet as this Cake Sweetheart!

* You will always be my Love ! Happy Birthday

* Love to Love You Honey! Happy Birthday! 

* You are my passion and desire Birthday boy!

* May your Birthday bring our love to new heights!

* You are the light & joy of my life Birthday Boy! 

* I am lucky, to find you Birthday Boy! 

* I love you Birthday Boy! 

* Loads of Love to the Birthday Boy!

* Love your Smile Love your Style Birthday Boy!

* You make me feel complete Birthday Boy! 

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